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Feeling Fine Friday: 5 Best Podcasts for Running

I’ve seen tons of lists on how to improve your running that mention removing your earbuds and actually taking in the sounds around you. Perhaps if I were a better person I could manage, but in all honesty if I’m not listening to the Norwegian operatic metal songs of my youth then I’m almost certainly playing a podcast while running.

I was a little late on getting on this train, but since I discovered them a couple of years ago I’ve been hooked. Not all shows are great for exercise entertainment (I’m looking at you, morning news) so I figured I’d introduce you to the ones that keep my attention the best when I’m logging miles.

5 Best Podcasts for Running | This Miss Cooks

1. My Favorite Murder

Starting strong and extra creepy here! True crime podcasts are plentiful these days, but this is a particular favorite of mine (and many others, judging by the crowd I saw at the live show). In My Favorite Murder two rad women talk about lethal crimes and bloody mayhem, read hometown stories from friends and listeners, and generally entertain.

If you tend to run when it’s dark out or on a deserted road, beware that this can be ever so slightly creepy to run to.

5 Best Podcasts for Running | This Miss Cooks

2. Pop Culture Happy Hour

I’ve listened to a few different movie and TV review podcasts but PCHH from NPR is still my go-to. The hosts politely avoid spoilers, have a diverse set of opinions, and they’ve convinced me to try out some of my favorite shows to date (Hello Kimmy Schmidt I love you). They keep things snappy with pacing so I’m always pleasantly engrossed. Bonus, this one is usually kiddo-approved if that’s an issue.

5 Best Podcasts for Running | This Miss Cooks

3. Wine & Crime

Back to true crime already? Yeah, okay, I decidedly have a thing with murders. I swear it’s just because they make for seriously distracting listening in the best way! On Wine & Crime three very Minnesotan women drink wine while talking about murders and other salacious topics. The hosts have known each other for most of their lives and have amazing chemistry. Same spooky warning as #1 applies, of course.

5 Best Podcasts for Running | This Miss Cooks

4. Oh No Ross and Carrie

This show is hosted by a level-headed duo who go out to investigate “spirituality, fringe science, and claims of the paranormal.” They’re based out of Southern California, also known as the birth place of many cults, ¬†insane beauty treatments, and alien sightings. The crazy reveals keep me entertained for miles.

5 Best Podcasts for Running | This Miss Cooks

5. My Dad Wrote a Porno

I think it goes without saying that this show isn’t for kids. In fact it’s not even suitable for listening to through your headphones in public really. But damn, is it funny and entertaining and awesome for running. One of the host’s dad…wrote a porno. Well, erotic literature. And self-published, I believe. Which they then read aloud with commentary. It’s amazingly bad in wondrously hilarious ways, and the fact that the hosts are British elevates this whole thing to another level. And to my knowledge completely without murder!

How do you listen to podcasts?

I personally use the Podcast app on my iPhone, but you can also listen through an app called Stitcher or any number of similar ones. I hope you check out a few of these, they’ve brought me countless hours of entertainment in trains, planes, and automobiles in addition to keeping me going on my runs.

Do you have any podcasts you love? Have you considered (finally) giving them a go after hearing about them the last few years?

5 Best Podcasts for Running | This Miss Cooks


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    1. I am most definitely into true crime, I’ll have to give that a listen! I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m also excited to try the Heaven’s Gate one soon.

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