5 Unusual Sources of Motivation

5 Unusual Sources of Motivation | This Miss Cooks

Have you ever read a book that light a fire under you to get up and change something about your life? Listened to an utterly inspiring TED talk that makes something in your head finally click? Watched a documentary that made you put down whatever it was you were eating and never touch it again?

Yeah, me neither. :/

Look, I try to read the motivational tomes my book club seems to hold so near and dear, but aside from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (which I skimmed) I just can’t get into them. So instead of trying to find inspiration in all the normal places, I decided to work with the brain I was born and epigenetically raised with.

1. Mormon Mom Blogs

This article called Why I Can’t Stop Reading Mormon Housewife Blogs perfectly sums up why lifestyle blogs so far out of my realm of existence fascinate me so much. I don’t read them out of hatred, derision, or any other negative emotion! Okay — except that one time I went down the rabbit hole on the Quiverfull Movement one strange and lonely night, that one definitely stemmed from confusion and a little horror.

There are so many things I love learning from those blogs though, like tips for saving money on groceries and how to feed a crowd every day (I secretly wish I could cook for a dozen so I’d have an excuse to pull out the waffle maker each morning). There’s something nice about reading the stories of people who love their lives even though they’re so different from my own. I tend to feel refreshed and a little motivated once I’m done.

2. Headbanging Metal and Rock Music

This one is potentially a little weird but since it’s so effective for me I’m sharing it with you all now. Now, I will never be one of those runners who can match their pace to the tempo of music. If I’m running on a treadmill or outside it’s pretty much sinister, fast-paced jams or nothing.

Not too odd, right? That’s just a music preference! Okay, so the real reason that I can only listen to things like the Resident Evil: Apocalypse movie soundtrack (those songs are indeed all on my playlist, and yes I do mean the sequel) is because I recreate an action scene in my head while I run. Maybe I’m the protagonist in a space cowboy shootout, perhaps I’m just replaying the Jason Bourne movies up there. Either way, I know my resting bitch face in the gym must be a sight to behold.

3. French Lifestyle Articles

Stephanie over at A Thousand Dresses summed it up so well in her Parisian Chic…Almost post on why non-French women love to read articles on how those illustrious French women live — even though they likely know it’s all blatantly absurd.

Sure, it’s likely some classist BS that would have a real Parisian raising a skeptical brow, but these articles form this perfect little layered cake of inspiration that I grab a slice of whenever I feel stuck in a rut. So I read them with my very own skepticism and raised brow and think to myself ‘see, I’m halfway to being French already.’

4. Laziness

Yup, laziness is the mother of invention. I’m fairly certain that’s how that saying goes, please, no one correct me in the comments. 😉 It’s truly amazing the lengths to which I am willing to go when I don’t want to head to the grocery store. Or the mall. Or the gym.

Some of my very favorite weekly menu plans have come from getting creative about using up what I have or trying to avoid going to more than one store. I also discovered the best fitness plan for me by avoiding the gym and finding some free online workouts.

5. Sitcoms, RomComs & Trash TV

I say that I watch trashy TV and movies the way some people say they spend their spare time reading A Brief History of Time or War and Peace: proud and excessively pleased with myself. Watching an episode of The Office makes me want to plan a quiet evening in with Mr Never Cooks. Veep gets me up for political conversations with my best friend who works in politics. Friends has me reaching out to reconnect to people I love chatting with. A silly YA movie leads to me rushing to the library to pick up a handful of books to dig into (I do in fact consider any type of reading to always be worthy of being proud and excessively pleased with oneself).

Long story short, if you don’t find yourself terribly inspired by the top selling advice book on the New York Times List, don’t write all motivational tools off! They might just be right under your nose.

8 thoughts on “5 Unusual Sources of Motivation”

    1. I was notorious for reading every book under the sun — unless it was assigned to me. I could go through a few novels if I had a paper due on American Short Stories the next week! The more things change the more they stay the same, it seems. 🙂

  1. This just proves that inspiration can strike at the most random moments:) And your point (and that article) about French women is so spot on – yes, it’s likely very superficial and not very realistic, but that French lifestyle can really be so inspiring:)!

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