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Sunday Recap: 9 healthy recipes from Tone It Up

It’s finally no longer scorchingly hot in Portland and I’m so happy about that, even if I don’t want Summer to teeeechnically end. I also appreciate that although it rained last night, it didn’t specifically rain on me. I really want more of this temperate weather at a time when I’m NOT joined at the eyepiece to a microscope for 10 hours on a Saturday (oh, science, you tricksy brat).

I’m extra glad that I got in my smoothie madness this past week though, those breakfasts are perfectly paired with the 90 degree days when all you want to do is make it to work without sweatily adhering yourself to your train seat (TMI? Yes, almost certainly).

If you’d like to see my planning post on this week’s meals, you can check it out here. I have a few others as well if you’re interested!

Protein Breakfast Smoothies

Red White and Blue Tone It Up Protein Smoothie | This Miss Cooks

This red, white & blue(ish) one was both the most effort and my favorite from the week. my advice is to definitely use less liquid if you notice that there’s aren’t many frozen solids in a layer. I also added some protein powder to this one to make it a good pre-run fix.

Blackberry & Banana Tone It Up Protein Smoothie | This Miss Cooks

Unsurprisingly, blackberries & bananas go excellently together and make for a gorgeous colored smoothie.

Tone It Up Protein Smoothie | This Miss Cooks

Strawberries & ginger was new to me as a flavor combo, but it paired really well! Next time I think I’ll use fresh ginger instead of powdered to see if that changed the flavor profile.

Matcha Tone It Up Protein Smoothie | This Miss Cooks

Alright, I felt like a total Millennial drinking this matcha smoothie with goji berries on top. Also, Christmas? But mostly Millennial. Either way, this one was pretty darn good, and I got to add substitute in Trader Joe’s new match Greek yogurt (?!???!!). I dug it.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Tone It Up Protein Smoothie | This Miss Cooks

Chocolate and peanut butter. Need I say more? One tip I’ve really liked is using steamed and then frozen cauliflower to beef these babies up. The recipe calls for frozen raw, but I like the creaminess of the precooked stuff much better, plus I think it blends easier too.

Healthy Dinners

Tone It Up Cauliflower Burrito Bowl | This Miss Cooks

This cauliflower burrito bowl is so damn filling and easy to make. I even made a second version alongside it for Mr Never Cooks.

Tone It Up Zoodles With Pesto | This Miss Cooks

These zoodles were probably the fastest to make. Plus I now have awesome pesto sitting in my freezer to use later. Pro tip: freeze in smaller portions, like in an ice cube tray.

Tone It Up Slow Cooker Chili | This Miss Cooks

This slow cooker chili was made with ground turkey but could easily be vegan by subbing mushrooms or omitting altogether.

Tone It Up Buddha Bowl | This Miss Cooks

I subbed in brown rice for the quinoa in this “Buddha bowl” and served it to a big crowd with many compliments. Plus this easily fed a vegan and two vegetarians.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with this coming week’s menu plan!

Sunday Meal Recap | This Miss Cooks

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  1. YUM!!! Love your blog- hence my numerous comments! Sitting here drinking my morning coffee and bookmarking a ton of recipes. We use some of the same resources like Budget Bytes and Trader Joes and Costco, so it’s nice to have some fresh ideas. I also really love that you don’t overload your posts with pictures. You know what I’m talking about- the cooking/lifestyle blogs with 6 pictures of the same item/dish. Small pet peeve of mine, but when you’re internet is slow and your patience is thin, getting through more posts than pictures is what it’s about for me!

    1. That means so much to me, I’m so glad my posts are helpful! If you have anything you’d want to see more of, definitely let me know. 🙂 I had dial-up internet until I left for college in 2008, so I feel your pain on that one. I usually only have the patience to take one appetizing-looking picture before I dive into most of my meals anyway!

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