Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest: Day Three

Alright friends, I’m ready to bring you the stunning finale of this epic saga detailing the odyssey of Julianne & Lindsey on the high…ridgetops. BUT FIRST. I need to make an addendum to day 2. Right a wrong, really. Correct a glaring error. Un-omit a stunning omission. Something that happened on day 2 that I did not include on Day 2.

Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest - Day 3

This is the lovely (and somehow still alive) Julianne. Do you see her smiling face as she picks her backpack up out of the WATERFALL SHE FELL DOWN?!

Observe for me, if you would, this demon plant:

Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest Day 3 03

Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest Day 3 02

Every part of it is covered in thorns. It’s enormous, it’s overgrown into the pathway, and it’s evil to the extent that plants can have a moral compass. We found out after we got back that it is even called Devil’s Club (we just called it Devil’s Snare because we’re nerds). It’s also the reason J fell off the crumbling path down a waterfall. When your hand reaches out to grab a branch for balance and you see that THAT is what you’re about to grab, you can imagine how the waterfall seemed like a better option.

Thankfully J turned as she went and landed perfectly on her backpack, thus preventing any real damage. She was a little damp and the graham crackers were in slightly smaller pieces after that, but I digress.

And now, back to the regularly regularly scheduled program! The final day of our backpacking trip was upon us. We had 7.5 miles back to the lot that had our car and a jar of peanut butter waiting for us, and boy howdy did we make good time. Particularly considering that the trail went through a good half dozen streams with only logs or rocks to cross them. J called this our Agility Day.

Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest Day Three 02Can you see the terror on my face? It’s there if you look closely.

As we got closer to the trailhead, we kept seeing people who were obviously in their 60s and 70s hiking toward us. That of course spurred on a few conversations about how we hope we’re that spry when we’re retired, but also how the trail crossings must be getting easier if they got through. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Those were just some bad ass septuagenarians.

Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest Day ThreeLook, a person-sized hole through a tree! I felt like Wile E. Coyote running through a wall shaped exactly like my body. Yes, it was as awkward as that implies.

And of course we saw some breathtaking views along the way, navigated a bit more through some snow, and thanked the heavens and J’s thinking ahead for those hiking sticks (again) (for the thousandth time).

Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest - Day 3

I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about this trip, even with all the unexpected adventured we had. We both ended up in one piece and felt the most competent we ever have. I cannot tell you how many times the phrase ‘I am an independent woman, don’t need no man…’ was uttered under my breath (or yelled, depending) over those 3 days. I definitely have a different outlook on life and how I approach problems or things that just need to get done.

Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest - Day 3And no trip into the woods is complete without some milkshakes on the way home. 🙂

I hope I’ve inspired you to go have some adventures and make memories!


As always, thank you to Julianne for taking some of these pictures!

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