Cheap & Healthy Eats with Easy Bowl Dinners | This Miss Cooks
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Cheap & Healthy Eats with Easy Bowl Dinners

Cheap & Healthy Eats with Easy Bowl Dinners | This Miss Cooks

Tuesday’s post was all about how I planned another week of effortless healthy meals without breaking the bank using the same handy little meal formula. You can really draw your inspiration from anywhere to make these One Bowl Dinners come to life: a stray ingredient you’ve been wanting to use, your favorite ethnic cuisine, a deconstructed version of a sandwich or wrap, and a leftovers clean-out are some of my favorite. Check out that post to see the general outline of what I put into every bowl to make sure it’s healthy, balanced and filling each time.

If you ever have a hard time coming back from the weekend full force in the kitchen, this Mexican bowl is just the thing come Monday night. The chicken was just made with some Instant Pot magic (chicken breasts + salsa = the best damn thing since sliced bread). Add in quinoa, black beans, chopped tomatoes & bell peppers, guacamole, Greek yogurt, and salsa and you’re golden.

Pro tip: Pre-make a large batch of your quinoa alongside the chicken over the weekend or on Monday night.

Cheap & Healthy Eats with Easy Bowl Dinners | This Miss Cooks

I’ll tell you a secret: That chicken was made with some leftover homemade buttermilk ranch from the night before. Chicken + ranch into the Instant Pot. The magic that was previously discussed. Perfection. Add in leftover quinoa, butter beans, chopped bell peppers, Greek yogurt, olives, hummus, and a little pepperoncini if you happen to have it on hand and dig in.

Cheap & Healthy Eats with Easy Bowl Dinners | This Miss Cooks

So, it turns out that my weekly dinner party happened to fall on the same day that the Red Cross blood drive was happening at my campus. I, in point of fact, completely spaced on having signed up for an 8:45 AM appointment until I sat my butt in my chair at work and opened up my calendar. Thankfully my pulse was low enough to donate after literally RUNNING AROUND CAMPUS like a dummy trying to figure out where they had set up their donation spot (I also cannot read emails it turns out).

What does this all mean? Well, I made the utterly delicious Vegan Sweet Potato Chowder from The Kitchn and then promptly forgot to snap a picture before the 8 of us wolfed it down. Trust me on this one though, it’s not only impossibly easy to make, it’s also DELICIOUS.

Cheap & Healthy Eats with Easy Bowl Dinners | This Miss Cooks

Aaaand we’re back to that sweet, sweet Bowl Life. This one was an Italian-themed baby with the star being Instant Pot beef that was gloriously…wait for it…easy and magical, of course. Yeah, I substituted the beef broth for the veggie one I had on had from Wednesday. And nope, I did not bother to measure out my spices. Now, mix in that leftover quinoa, butter beans, zoodles, Greek yogurt, sundried tomatoes,  and olives. Delizioso (or so says Google Translate).


Leftovers personify the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” for me. Except by “one man’s trash” I mean the food I somehow managed to not stuff my face with the day before. And by “another man’s treasure” I mean me. My treasure. Look, food is the equivalent to gold in my book and I bet Fort Knox is just filled with sushi and ice cream. Ahem, I digress. I think you have the picture at this point though, these two bowls are just my favorite bits and pieces from the rest of the week.

Cheap & Healthy Eats with Easy Bowl Dinners | This Miss Cooks

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to put together some easy dinners, check out my Easiest Instant Pot Pork Recipe or Another Week of Easy & Healthy Dinners. I’ll be back on Tuesday with next week’s menu plan — and a little extra treat for you guys!

Do you have any go-to dinners that you love to make again and again? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. That’s probably my favorite part of the whole thing, getting to pick and choose my favorite leftovers. Since I kept most of the ingredients separate last week, it was extra easy to recombine in fun new ways!

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