Ultimate Ethical Gift Guide for Christmas 2017 (All under $25!)

Ultimate Ethical Gift Guide for Christmas 2017 | This Miss Cooks

Are you sick of throwing your money at companies that are caught up in everything from sweatshops to environmental pollution to selling cheaply made products this Christmas?

Yeah, me too.

Since starting the tradition of donating to charities the entire month of December, I’ve noticed a positive trend I really love: companies with ethical business models. It’s turned gift giving into this really heart warming experience all year round for me. If you or your giftee are anything like me, a present that comes from an eco-conscious, ethical company means so much more.

And while it used to be the case that buying from brands that aligned with these principles meant spending more than I could afford, there have been some really excellent ones that have popped up in recent years. These are the ethically sourced gifts I’m buying (or have received!) this year or in the past.

1. Direct Fair Trade Coffee from The Little Market

“Fair Trade is an approach to international trade centered around equitable partnerships, transparency and respect.”

I’ve been following The Little Market through Lauren Conrad for a few months now, and I’ve  been so impressed with their business model and products. This year I’ll be buying some of their Decaf Dark Roast from Colombia for a family friend and their Ethiopian Medium Roast for myself!

Have someone on your list who already has it all?

This gift is perfect for them! It’s something they can actually use and feel good about, plus you don’t have to spend a ton of money trying to impress them.

2. Imperfect Produce Box

For those friends and loved ones on the West Coast, Imperfect Produce is an amazing company that gathers up all the “ugly” fruits and veggies to sell at a discounted price. It’s a really inexpensive version of a CSA box with the added bonus of reducing food waste. I’ve written before about why I love this idea so much, and in practice I’ve only been more impressed over time!

Since joining I’ve saved:

  • 88 pounds of produce
  • 502 gallons of water
  • 300 pounds of CO2

It’s especially nice if they’re trying to slide some healthier eating habits back into their diets after the holidays, if you catch my drift. 😉

3. Bombas Socks

I actually got a pair of these last year during my Advent Giving Month and I still get excited when I see them in the clean laundry basket. I ran my half marathon in them, I wore them on my 3 day backpacking trip, and I might even be wearing them as I write this.

For every pair of socks you buy, Bombas donates a pair to a homeless shelter. Socks are one of the most requested items, so what they do is especially important this time of year.

Best part?

They’re REAL comfy.

4. Humane Society Donation in Their Name

One of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received was a donation a friend had made in my name to the Humane Society.

I cried ugly tears, my friends.

All of our pets have been adopted from the Oregon Humane Society for the past 8 years. I donate regularly myself and participate in the annual Doggie Dash. Knowing my friend had noticed how much this charity meant to me made my day.

Just think, you too could make your loved ones cry this Christmas!

5. Making Dinner for 2 with Newman’s Own

It took me years before I noticed that my favorite good old spaghetti topper was also an awesome charity! The profits of Newman’s Own products all go to organizations that support:

  • Children’s access to food
  • Education around the globe
  • Safe water

Oh nothing to see here.

I’m just crying (again) over salad dressing (in a good way).

Grab a jar of their pasta sauce or salsa and whip together a fun dinner for you and a friend! Trust me, there are many people in your life who would appreciate it so much more than any other gift. Time is definitely a limited thing at this time of year. Spend it doing something great for the world with someone you love!


It can be tough to balance everything important to you this year.

Having ethical, charitable, and eco-friendly gift options that are affordable can make this giving season feel so much brighter. Whether it’s supporting a better business model or directly donating to a cause, there are plenty of ways to make your dollar count this Christmas. 

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    1. I’ve been so impressed with Imperfect Produce, it’s so nice to be able to take care of a big part of my grocery shopping with no effort every week. And then feel extra good about it because of the business model!

    1. Right?! It took me an eternity to even realize that some of my favorite products had that little “100% of Profits to Charity” label!

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