Feeling Fine Friday: 5 Things to Make You Smile From the Week


Coffee shop on this feeling fine Friday | This Miss Cooks
Photo by Don Ross III on Unsplash

Tuesday morning I forgot my coffee on the counter while rushing out the door.

Alright. Fine. I can drink crummy hospital drip.

Wednesday morning. Coffee successfully brought to work and then promptly spilled on the floor.

No, no, that’s cool. Surely this grapefruit sparkling water will keep me awake with its effervescence.

Thursday was a lecture from my dentist about how much coffee I drink.

Look, I’ve been vaguely disappointing dentists for years buddy. Back off of the coffee.

Pulling together all the things that actually went RIGHT this week seemed like a damn necessity at this point.

Favorite Coffee Find: This baby is why I felt the coffee downers so deeply this week, plus it came from THE MOST unexpected place. And its name is the Safeway Select Cafe Roast Double Dutch Chocolate Coffee. I feel like such a caffeine betrayer but hot damn is this stuff just tasty.

I tried to find this online and came up with a result from Safeway’s Facebook breaking the news gently to a woman that you can only buy this bad boy in their stores.

Coffee on this feeling fine Friday | This Miss Cooks

Good Reads: For Christmas one of my closest friends gave me this book to tell me just how crazy she thought I was for signing up for my first half marathon in January. I rediscovered it in our move when we were going through our (many) shelves.

I actually just reread the first chapter while standing there setting up this picture.

Running book on this feeling fine Friday | This Miss Cooks

Something old & something new: A beloved movie from my childhood, Death Becomes Her, is getting spiced up with a showing at the Hollywood Theatre here in Portland. What’s the update to this classic early 90’s romp with Goldie Hawn & Meryl Streep (oh and I guess also Bruce Willis)?

A drag show “diva duel” opener. I. Am. There.

Movie recommendation on this feeling fine Friday | This Miss Cooks

Barns. More specifically, this octagonal barn. Why, you might be asking, are oddly-shaped barns on my happy list? We found our wedding venue!

I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, but we’re set to book for October 2018!

Barn wedding venue on this feeling fine Friday | This Miss Cooks
photo from McMenamins

Beauty findThis red color corrector cream from IT Cosmetics was recommended by one of my favorite beauty bloggers of all time, Anna at The Anna Edit. I don’t usually splurge on new makeup without giving it a try at Sephora first, but I’m so glad I impulse bought this one! Plus, it came with 3 free samples and a tote bag.

It just does its damn job, unlike most foundations I’ve tried. I’m lucky in that it matches my skin tone already (it’s made to go under makeup for most people) so this + setting powder has been my go-to.

It definitely has a creamy texture that can be an issue if you touch your face a ton, but if you can avoid that this stuff STAYS in place for a full day. My next step is to see what I might want to layer over it to fix the creaminess issue.

IT Costmetics on this feeling fine Friday | This Miss Cooks

I hope you’re having an excellent Friday!

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