Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women

Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women | This Miss Cooks

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I find myself planning the perfect gifts for some of the most important people in my life.

AKA my amazing leading ladies and gal pals!

I’ve met some of my closest friends through the local fitness community, and even had one of my best college girlfriends become a total workout enthusiast. Since the greatest presents are the kind that get used, I wanted to find the perfect personalized gifts.

Keep scrolling to see how to put together a Galentine’s Day gift bag for your fitness loving babes…

Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women | This Miss Cooks

Dark Chocolate

Even if you don’t believe all the hype about the health benefits of dark chocolate, there’s an undeniable fact that stands true for most women. Even those with fitness goals and amazing commitment.

Dessert is delicious and 100% necessary some of the time.

And if you’re going to have it, you might as well go for the stuff that could be a little bit better for you. When shopping for dark chocolate, try to get at least 70% cacao and even look around for sugar or dairy-free options.

Hint: buy two, and label one for the freezer for later. 😉

Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women | This Miss Cooks

Rosé in a Can

Okay so this post isn’t sponsored, I just love this wine so much!

It’s the perfect way to enjoy a glass without opening the whole bottle. Plus, you can avoid the inevitable flat sparkling wine if you end up going back for another pour (which if we’re honest we usually do).

Plus it’s easy to transport for a picnic with their beau or a girl’s weekend in the mountains.

A Personal Touch Your Fitness-Lover Will Appreciate

Last year, all the ladies in my fitness crew (is that a thing?) tried out some Jillian Michaels workouts. They were hard but so motivating. I happened to pass by a bin of her DVDs while shopping and picked some up to put in the gift bags. When looking for a personalized gift for your fitness friend, ask yourself some questions.

Is she always borrowing hair ties?

Has she joked about sliding all over her mat in hot yoga?

Will she be running a themed race anytime this year?

Make it personal! Some of the best gifts are the ones that show you listen and care about her.

An Encouraging Card

Don’t forget to include a Galentine’s card just for her!

Sometimes it’s tough to stick to fitness goals, and having an encouraging note to look back on could be just the motivation she needs that day.


Oh, and Mr Never Cooks can have steak as a present. I’m telling you, he’ll love it more than any Valentine’s Day gift I could get him!

Do you have any fun ideas to add to the list?


Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women | This Miss Cooks

Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women | This Miss Cooks

6 thoughts on “Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women”

    1. One of the other ladies at our Galentines dinner did that, with a very sweet note about us being her protein or something like that (except it sounded much less like cannibalism than what I just said, haha).

      I’d have a hard time choosing one though! I really like Rx bars and I have been staring longingly at a few of my Time It Up bars while I’m on Keto. Do you have any favorites, especially ones that are lower carb?

      1. Haha gotcha. She took my idea then! Kidding obviously.

        I’ve never tried either of those bars! I don’t eat protein bars a ton but I always have a few for traveling and emergencies. I like Quest bars since they have a bunch of protein and that’s what’s currently in my cabinets. Power Crunch are also good in my opinion! I like the chocolate flavor they have, it tastes like a cookie. Unfortunately I have no clue if those are low carb or not, sorry!!

        1. Quest does a really good job of making me feel actually full! I’m going to hunt the power bar section at the stores soon to see if any of them aren’t too high in carbs. Might end up finding something good with the Paleo-style ones!

    1. We all got so into it, and coming home at the end of the night with all these cute little gifts was just so much fun. They sell these wines at Trader Joe’s, and they come in a white sparkling version too! The dark chocolate just conveniently happened to be there too… 😉

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