Top 5 Halloween Workouts

Top 5 Halloween Workouts | This Miss Cooks

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It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeee–oh, wrong holiday. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year though. The weather is still pretty nice and tasty Fall foods are aplenty. It’s also the beginning of the non-stop food-based festivities that don’t really stop until Valentine’s Day. With that in mind, I put together a list of fun Halloween themed workouts to keep you active while enjoying the reason for the season (candy, duh). So pop in a scary movie to get your blood pumping or jam out to Monster Mash on repeat. These spooky workouts are perfect for getting your decidedly not-scary tush moving. 😉

Top 5 Halloween Workouts | This Miss Cooks
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1. Zombies, Run

This (free!) running app makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the undead action. You get assignments to run for items like med kits in a post-apocalyptic wasteland while avoiding zombies out to get you. It’s narrated well and the program allows you to toggle certain speed settings on or off, depending on what type of runner you are.

2. Tone It Up Halloween Workout

This is a great little themed workout to do at home or in the gym. Since it’s a printable, you can even do it while watching a bit of Hocus Pocus. If you’re more interested in staying active throughout the evening, they also have a fun one where you do things like 10 pushups every time you hear the Monster Mash.

Top 5 Halloween Workouts | This Miss CooksPhoto by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash

3. Creepy Treadmill/Stair Stepper Workout

Sometimes you just need to hop on a stairway (or conveyor belt) to nowhere the morning after a big party to sweat it out. I love this Creepy Cardio Routine Pizza & Pull-ups posted because you need to pay just enough attention to change the settings but not so much that your tired brain can’t keep up. Plus, I can use it for whatever cardio machine my tired little heart desires.

4. Themed fitness class

This one has the added incentive from signing up for a workout that charges you a fee if you don’t attend. And let’s be honest, we need all the motivation we can get when it comes to holidays that don’t even give you a day off from work. Check out your local spin studios to see if they have any fun costumed classes, or themed music!

Top 5 Halloween Workouts | This Miss Cooks
Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

5. Halloween Yoga with Adriene

If all else fails, yoga will always be there to help you work out the knots from party planning stress or 3 hours of intense pumpkin carving. One of my favorite yogis is Adriene Louise, and she put together a fun Halloween themed  yoga video playlist that I’m excited to try out this year.

How do you like to stay active this time of year? I’d love to hear any of your favorite fun workouts!

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