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9 Of The Best Healthy Recipes You Can Make (And Love) From Tone It Up

9 of the Best Healthy Recipes You Can Make (and Love) from Tone It Up | This Miss Cooks

If I dig back through my Instagram pictures (lord, I don’t suggest it before the advent of the iPhone 6) I get to see all my progress since precisely April 19th, 2015 following Tone It Up’s nutrition guidelines and recipes. That would be well over 2 years and 25 extra pounds ago by my reckoning. Before that date, I had been stuck in a rut from years of failed calorie counting, bad fad diets (cabbage soup anyone?) or stressful work-sponsored weight loss programs and I needed to figure out how to stop yo-yo dieting.

What I needed was training wheels.

Of the metaphorical variety that is, because this gal still can’t ride a non-stationary bike. I know that for some people apps like MyFitnessPal,  programs like Weight Watchers or healthy meal kit deliveries like Hello Fresh work really well (and I included the links because I personally know people who really thrive inside those systems), but all health is individual and human beings have got to be the most finicky species on the planet when you try to put them in the same category for anything. I say this as a scientist, we’re just persnickety when it comes to biology, psychology, physiology and everything in between.

That being the case, I’ve made it my goal on this here lifestyle blog to put together accessible, easy and affordable healthy eating menu plans that can serve as a bit of a survey for the wide world of general good nutrition.

One thing I appreciate about Tone It Up is that you can access some of their recipes before buying the nutrition plan, which is great because that thing ain’t terribly cheap. I followed their free workouts and recipes for about a year before I decided it was worth it for me to invest in the full nutrition plan. On the bright side, I can say I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth out of it.

To help you lovely people out, I’m putting together this week’s healthy menu plan with some of their recipes. As always, I’ve put all of them on my Recipes I’m Trying This Week Pinterest Board for easy use. I love having quick access to only the recipes I know I’ll be using for the next few days, but I’m a bit of a tree-hugger and I print enough useless things in my lab as it is. And hey, Minimalism is in people.

Why Tone It Up recipes?

The timing of this week’s topic certainly isn’t a coincidence, either. Is it just me or are the 3 months of summer filled with every event of the year that isn’t directly related to a holiday? Weddings, floating trips down the river, backyard BBQs, birthday parties in the park, wine tastings, and walking down to the local ice cream shop are all popping up multiple times a week for me.

It’s freaking BURGER WEEK in Portland right now.

I feel pretty great about balancing my life around the food that makes me feel good (kale, plenty of protein, the maligned quinoa) and food that I need to limit (I’m looking at you dairy, you betrayer), but occasionally I like to reevaluate juuuuuust how many times I’m saying YOLO in a given week cough or day cough.

On the roster for this week I have a mix of 5 breakfast smoothies using their Tone It Up protein powder (which I love but you could easily swap out for any other brand) and 4 healthy dinners that are featured from the Tone It Up nutrition plan on their website.

And the recipes are…

For breakfast I’m excited to make this matcha smoothie bowl again and this one featuring blackberries & banana. I’ll be getting my layered smoothie game on with a red, white & blue beauty that I last made for the 4th of July and “the chocolate peanut butter smoothie of your dreams” (spoiler: they’re not wrong). I’ll even be trying out a new to me recipe from them with strawberries & ginger.

Dinners will be a tried & true black bean chili, cauliflower rice burrito bowl, and pesto zoodles with sundried tomatoes. As with every week, I also host a dinner party where I’ll whip up this Buddha bowl that’s perfect for working around every special diet need under the sun. Making healthy vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free dinners to feed a crowd cheaply is surprisingly easy with their recipes, which is another thing I love about Tone It Up’s nutrition plan.

Interested in reading more on my experiences with losing weight & shaping up with Tone It Up?

  • Here is how I plan a week of effective workouts using their weekly fitness plan
  • I also have two articles about planning for and recapping their 7 day slimdown
  • Here’s the recap from this week’s menu plan, where I share my honest opinions about how everything went, tips I picked up making these meals, and any recipe fails!

I hope this helps a few of you find that healthy eating balance this week!

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