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Honest Imperfect Produce Delivery Review

Honest Imperfect Produce Review | This Miss Cooks

If you’ve been on the internet or in grocery stores at all in the past few years, you’ve likely seen the many options out there for food delivery companies. Everything from restaurant meals with UberEats to cooking kits like Hello Fresh to groceries from Instacart. One of my favorites has been community supported agriculture, or CSAs for short.

CSAs provide not only seasonal produce that’s often organic, they also allow you to buy local and support farmers in your area. There are some estimates that the average apple travels 1,500 miles from the time it’s picked to the first bite in the US. That’s a whole lot of non-renewable resources that go into getting an apple into your lunchbox, especially if you live within 100 miles of farms.

Farmers Markets

One great place to get local fruits, vegetables and more is a farmer’s market. But to be totally honest, I’ve never really made visiting them fit into a busy day of grocery shopping. So, point to the CSA box for the delivery option (or even just the ability to pick up your box at a local grocery store).

Grab Bag CSA Boxes

Now, I’ve tried a CSA box previously. It made me feel very ‘Portland’ and ‘Adult’ and then ‘Stressed Out To All Hell.’ I liked the challenge of figuring out how to use a bunch of random produce in a given week. But when I found myself frantically googling what to do with a metric ton of garlic scapes, I threw in the towel.

Enter: Imperfect Produce

I had a friend send me her referral link since she knew I had struggled with CSAs before but was hoping to come across something I could work with. Imperfect Produce had everything going for it. The only quirk? All the produce was just a little bit too funny looking to sell in stores. Color me intrigued. I wanted to see what all the hype was about with this ugly agriculture.

  • Delivery option every week or every other week, could place on hold for vacation
  • Variety of box sizes so you don’t have to eat vegetables nonstop to use them up
  • Customizable, no garlic scapes if you don’t want them
  • Organic and non-organic options
  • Largely local produce
  • Inexpensive

So I took the plunge, ordered my first box, and literally jumped up and down like a kid on Christmas morning when it arrived. If you’d like to get $10 off your first order, you can use my referral code here!


The delivery was kind of cool, too. You get a text message alert when they’re about to arrive with your box , which is convenient for apartment complexes. The box itself was cold to the touch, so I knew they didn’t just have my food wilting in a hot vehicle most of the day. Oh, and they arrived in the evening which I had requested.

I had selected the contents of my box earlier in the week, meaning I plan my meals in advance.

Honest Imperfect Produce Review | This Miss Cooks

We went for apples, peaches & plums for morning snacks and breakfast add-ons. Bell peppers & carrots were perfect for Mr Never Cooks to dip into hummus. The butternut squash & red onions roasted up beautifully for a couple of lunches.

Everything was surprisingly normal-looking, and the flavor was excellent. The carrots were even sweeter than what I was used to!

Final Thoughts?

I’m definitely sticking with this! We easily used up our box of produce in a week, it worked around a busy travel schedule, and the quality was excellent. Plus, the price and convenience just can’t be beat. If I can also help reduce food waste in the process, then I think I’ve found my perfectly Imperfect Produce soulmate.

15 thoughts on “Honest Imperfect Produce Delivery Review”

    1. I really hope so! They seem to be fairly new and still fully in the expansion-phase, I’d definitely check back in another few months to see if they’re heading outside of the West Coast.

      1. That’s a great point! I had a friend in Seattle sign up before they serviced her area and the next week she got an email that they were starting up there!

  1. Love this honest review – makes me want to try Imperfect Produce! I did a CSA a few years ago with my roommates but I found that I wasn’t eating everything and things were going bad 🙁 it’s def a great way to eat your veggies!!

    1. If you’ve ever heard of the term ‘Aspirational Vegetables’ that’s how I felt about the last CSA box I tried. It’s tough to actually use up produce on the fly like that! I’ve found that the smallest option of IP really is much more manageable than others I’ve seen, thankfully. It probably helps that my favorite veggies are ripe in the Fall!

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