10 Best Overnight Oats Recipes for a Healthy Weekday Breakfast

10 Best Overnight Oats Recipes for a Healthy Weekday Breakfast | This Miss Cooks

Why is it that you’re seeing recipes for overnight oats everywhere recently? Well, do you ever go to sleep with the best intentions for a healthy breakfast only to wake up with zero motivation to make anything? Does this generally lead you to a pantry filled with pop-tarts, a freezer with a stray sausage muffin, or an overpriced slice of banana walnut bread at Starbucks? If you’ve been trying to eat healthier or save money on food, these are surefire ways to derail your goals. One of my favorite ways to stay healthy with as little effort as possible in the morning is to make overnight oats for the week. Continue reading “10 Best Overnight Oats Recipes for a Healthy Weekday Breakfast”

Healthy Fall Recipes to Make on Busy Weeknights

Healthy Fall Recipes to Make on Busy Weeknights | This Miss Cooks

The leaves are turning, the smell of Pumpkin Spice Lattes is in the air, and I have heard the words Hocus Pocus mentioned at least once a day for the past two weeks. Friends, I do believe it’s Fall and I could not be any happier. Well, I suppose that’s a lie but I don’t think the human stomach was made to hold 15 boxes of Girl Scout cookies so I will settle for this.

I talked about how I’m crafting my Fall To-Do List recently, and I’m putting the finishing touches on it now. Think apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and some frightfully fun costumes come Halloween. Oh, and the most Autumnal-themed trip to Trader Joe’s you ever did see. More on that little interlude between me and the hallowed aisles Friday. Continue reading “Healthy Fall Recipes to Make on Busy Weeknights”

Honest Imperfect Produce Delivery Review

Honest Imperfect Produce Review | This Miss Cooks

If you’ve been on the internet or in grocery stores at all in the past few years, you’ve likely seen the many options out there for food delivery companies. Everything from the advanced restaurant delivery of UberEats to the meal kits like Hello Fresh to grocery deliveries from Instacart. One of my favorites has been community supported agriculture, or CSAs for short.

CSAs provide not only seasonal produce that’s often organic, they also allow you to buy local and support farmers in your area. There are some estimates that an apple travels 1500 miles on average from the time it’s picked to the first bite the average American takes of it. That’s a whole lot of non-renewable resources that go into getting an apple into your lunchbox, especially if you live within 100 miles of farmland.

Farmers Markets

One great place to get local fruits, vegetables and more is a farmer’s market, but to be totally honest I just really have never made it fit into my schedule to hit one of them up during a busy day of grocery shopping. So, point to the CSA box for the delivery option (or even just the option to pick up your box at a local grocery store).

Grab Bag CSA Boxes

Now, I’ve tried a CSA box previously. It made me feel very ‘Portland’ and ‘Adult’ and subsequently ‘Stressed Out To All Hell.’ I liked the challenge of figuring out how to use a bunch of random produce in a given week, but when I found myself frantically googling how to use up a metric ton of garlic scapes (a search that came right after looking up what on Earth a garlic scape was) I threw in the towel.

Enter: Imperfect Produce

I had a friend send me her referral link since she knew I had struggled with CSAs before but was hoping to come across something workable. Imperfect Produce had everything going for it. The only quirk? All the produce was just a little bit too funny looking to sell in stores. Color me intrigued, I wanted to see what all the hype was about with this ugly agriculture.

  • Delivery option every week or every other week, could place on hold for vacation
  • Variety of box sizes so you don’t have to eat vegetables nonstop to use them up
  • Customizable, no garlic scapes if you don’t want them
  • Organic and non-organic options
  • Largely local produce
  • Inexpensive

So I took the plunge, ordered my first box, and literally jumped up and down like a kid on Christmas morning when it arrived. If you’d like to get $10 off your first order, you can use my referral code here!


The delivery was kind of cool, you get a text message alert when they’re about to arrive with your box which is very convenient if you live in an apartment complex. The box itself was cold to the touch, so I knew they didn’t just have my food wilting in a hot vehicle most of the day (the arrived in the evening, my selected time frame).

I had gotten the opportunity to go and select the contents of my box earlier in the week, meaning I knew what to plan my meals around for the coming week to include them.

Honest Imperfect Produce Review | This Miss Cooks

We went for apples, peaches & plums for morning snacks and breakfast add-ons, bell peppers & carrots for Mr Never Cooks to dip into hummus, and butternut squash & red onions for me to roast up for a couple of lunches. Everything was surprisingly normal-looking, and the flavor was excellent. The carrots were even sweeter than what I was used to!

Final Thoughts?

I’m definitely sticking with this! We easily used up our box of produce in a week, it worked around a busy travel schedule, and the quality was excellent. Plus, the price and convenience just can’t be beat. If I can also help reduce food waste in the process, then I think I’ve found my perfectly Imperfect Produce soulmate.

4 Tips for Eating Healthy When Flying

4 Tips for Eating Healthy When Flying | This Miss Cooks
4 Tips for Eating Healthy When Flying | This Miss CooksPhoto by Cole Keister on Unsplash

I’m writing this post on the road through Idaho with my future mother-in-law and 2 dogs on our way back to Portland. If you’re planning your own road trip, I have a few tips for keeping yourself healthy and sane from last week. My lab will be getting extra busy with experiments in the next couple of months, so I’m getting in most of my vacations in now. Which is why I will be jetting off on Friday (so soon!) to visit my sister in California and will need to brush up on how to avoid gaining 10 pounds in 3 days. Continue reading “4 Tips for Eating Healthy When Flying”

6 Tips for Planning a Week of Meals from Costco (Without Breaking the Bank)

6-tips-for-planning-a-week-of-meals-from-CostcoPhoto by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash

I had a feeling when I sat down with my menu planning spreadsheet on Thursday that I was in for a bit of an odd week. With the eclipse yesterday and the craziness from a million extra people moseying into and out of my cute little state this weekend, I decided to back away slowly from the grocery store. Continue reading “6 Tips for Planning a Week of Meals from Costco (Without Breaking the Bank)”

Sunday Recap: 9 healthy recipes from Tone It Up

Sunday Meal Recap | This Miss Cooks

It’s finally no longer scorchingly hot in Portland and I’m so happy about that, even if I don’t want Summer to teeeechnically end. I also appreciate that although it rained last night, it didn’t specifically rain on me. I really want more of this temperate weather at a time when I’m NOT joined at the eyepiece to a microscope for 10 hours on a Saturday (oh, science, you tricksy brat).

I’m extra glad that I got in my smoothie madness this past week though, those breakfasts are perfectly paired with the 90 degree days when all you want to do is make it to work without sweatily adhering yourself to your train seat (TMI? Yes, almost certainly).

If you’d like to see my planning post on this week’s meals, you can check it out here. I have a few others as well if you’re interested! Continue reading “Sunday Recap: 9 healthy recipes from Tone It Up”

9 Of The Best Healthy Recipes You Can Make (And Love) From Tone It Up

9 of the Best Healthy Recipes You Can Make (and Love) from Tone It Up | This Miss Cooks

9 of the Best Healthy Recipes You Can Make (and Love) from Tone It Up | This Miss Cooks

If I dig back through my Instagram pictures (lord, I don’t suggest it before the advent of the iPhone 6) I get to see all my progress since precisely April 19th, 2015 following Tone It Up’s nutrition guidelines and recipes. That would be well over 2 years and 25 extra pounds ago by my reckoning. Before that date, I had been stuck in a rut from years of failed calorie counting, bad fad diets (cabbage soup anyone?) or stressful work-sponsored weight loss programs and I needed to figure out how to stop yo-yo dieting. Continue reading “9 Of The Best Healthy Recipes You Can Make (And Love) From Tone It Up”

Hot Weather Menu Plan

Hot Weather Menu Plan

Hot Weather Menu Plan

This post could be subtitled “How to Eat for the Long Awaited Fiery End of Days,” although I think we all know in a real apocalypse I’m just eating buttered biscuits nonstop until the moment the zombies get me.

This week Portland is about to outdo itself in the weather department with temps climbing to 109 degrees. I grew up in Phoenix, so I know just how awful it’s about to feel as we step out into that dry sauna heat.  Continue reading “Hot Weather Menu Plan”

The Best Way to Save Money on Groceries & How to Menu Plan for it

The Best Way to Save Money on Groceries and How to Menu Plan for it

Most weeks I have all my menu planning and shopping lists ready to go for an easy grocery store trip by the time Saturday rolls around. Some weeks *cough* this one *cough* I’m sitting at the Starbucks inside Safeway scrolling through Pinterest for healthy dinner ideas while my venti Americano rapidly disappears and the clock ticks down. Although I spent most of the evening before going between the fridge and the pantry looking for a nonexistent dessert, I have somehow forgotten what my kitchen even looks like. Continue reading “The Best Way to Save Money on Groceries & How to Menu Plan for it”

Sunday Recap from a Week of Easy Healthy Dinners

A week of cooking easy and healthy dinners from Gimme Some Oven

Moving, it turns out, is one of the most awful experiences that I’ve happily run headlong into. I now understand how my parents have lived in the same house for 35 years and I get why we couldn’t move to someplace nice like Minnesota or Maine (I was a boring child I think).

Throughout this month from hell, though, I realized that sticking to my healthy habits is key for avoiding some serious emotional breakdowns (mostly). I get hangry, I have sugar crashes, my acid reflux flares up at 2am if I eat too late, and don’t even think about asking me to move furniture if I haven’t eaten in the last 3 hours. Continue reading “Sunday Recap from a Week of Easy Healthy Dinners”