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5 Ways To Stay Healthy During Fall Events

5 Ways To Stay Healthy During Fall Events | This Miss Cooks

It’s Fall, y’all! If you’re anything like me, that means it’s time for pumpkin patch visits, getting lost in corn mazes, and baking up a storm in your kitchen.  For those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle though, it can be difficult to keep a balanced diet. And with holiday season right around the corner it’s easy to fall off the good intentions bandwagon. Continue reading

5 Things I’ve Regretted Getting Rid of When I Went Minimalist

5 Things I've Regretted Getting Rid of When I Went Minimalist | This Miss CooksPhoto by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash

As popular as Minimalism has gotten these days, there seem to be as many articles singing this lifestyle’s praises as there are complaining about it as a trend. I certainly don’t think that the Minimalist lifestyle is the only way to be happy, but it’s definitely true that many Americans feel the psychological toll of clutter without seeing a clear way to fix it. It’s also been a true lifesaver in our move to a much smaller place.

I know that a common fear (indeed a regular one of mine) is that I’ll end up regretting getting rid of an item long after it’s gone. In fact, I  bet there are few things more disheartening with setting out on a more Minimalist path than letting go of something you truly do miss. So many advocates of it will try to paper over that possibility and ignore the sadness you might feel with a “you won’t even remember it in a week” or “I’ve never regretted it and neither will you!” Continue reading

Sunday Recap: 9 healthy recipes from Tone It Up

It’s finally no longer scorchingly hot in Portland and I’m so happy about that, even if I don’t want Summer to teeeechnically end. I also appreciate that although it rained last night, it didn’t specifically rain on me. I really want more of this temperate weather at a time when I’m NOT joined at the eyepiece to a microscope for 10 hours on a Saturday (oh, science, you tricksy brat).

I’m extra glad that I got in my smoothie madness this past week though, those breakfasts are perfectly paired with the 90 degree days when all you want to do is make it to work without sweatily adhering yourself to your train seat (TMI? Yes, almost certainly).

If you’d like to see my planning post on this week’s meals, you can check it out here. I have a few others as well if you’re interested! Continue reading

9 Of The Best Healthy Recipes You Can Make (And Love) From Tone It Up

9 of the Best Healthy Recipes You Can Make (and Love) from Tone It Up | This Miss Cooks

If I dig back through my Instagram pictures (lord, I don’t suggest it before the advent of the iPhone 6) I get to see all my progress since precisely April 19th, 2015 following Tone It Up’s nutrition guidelines and recipes. That would be well over 2 years and 25 extra pounds ago by my reckoning. Before that date, I had been stuck in a rut from years of failed calorie counting, bad fad diets (cabbage soup anyone?) or stressful work-sponsored weight loss programs and I needed to figure out how to stop yo-yo dieting. Continue reading

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