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Tone It Up’s 31 Day Challenge

The lovely founding duo of Tone It Up have put together a 31 day food & fitness challenge for the month of October. If you sign up (free) on their site  you get their starter pack to help you figure out how to tackle the program.

I love these challenges because they serve as an accessible introduction to the community and also for the extra little push it gives me to stay on top of living a happily healthy lifestyle. For me, consistency needs to be interrupted with exciting and new things to keep it interesting and motivational.

These 7 questions were posed by Karena and Katrina at the beginning of the starter pack. I decided to answer them here before I read any further so I can really think about how I want the month to go.

1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in 31 days. How do you want to feel physically? What about emotionally? Who is looking back at you in the mirror? Is she confident? Radiant? What has she learned?

I have a surgery coming up this Friday that will quite frankly knock me on my butt for quite a while. My goal is to feel like I didn’t lose everything I’ve worked so hard for the past year and a half with Tone It Up. I want to look back at myself and still see the person I’ve become, because I really like her, inside and out! Hopefully along the way I’ll learn how to tackle this challenge when I know that I won’t be able to do everything 100%, because sometimes life will throw curve balls at you and you can’t let them get you totally struck out.  😉

2. What is one habitual goal you want to achieve? Maybe it’s to start meal prepping, waking up earlier to work out, or to start journaling. A habit takes 21 days to form, so by day 31 it’ll be second nature. Now is the perfect time to create those new healthy habits!

I want to start writing down a list of daily goals in the morning for both my work and personal life to keep myself on track throughout the day. Checklists are a huge motivator for me, but I’m not very consistent about them.

3. What is one spiritual goal you have? It can be that you want to start going to yoga once a week or to simply feel confident and strong. Maybe you want to be more positive or respond to obstacles in a better, more productive way. Whatever it is, write it down right now and you will get there!

One thing I really want to get back to is volunteering in my community in some way. Depending on how my recovery goes this might be a little tough to tackle in these 31 days, but I want to write it down now to hold myself accountable to this in the future. An amazing resource for this in my area is Hands On Greater Portland. I also really enjoy joining one of my friends in helping out at a community meal hosted by her church every weekend.

4. What is one physical change you want to see? Do you want stronger arms? Do you want to build muscle overall? Or it can be something as simple as feeling confident rockin’ your sports bra at your fave workout class. Write it down. Visualize it and make every decision every day with that goal in mind. We promise you’ll get there! You’re capable of more than you’ll ever know, and we’re by your side every step of the way.

To be honest, my biggest goal is to make sure I keep all (okay most) of my current muscles while I convalesce! If I’m doing particularly well, I wouldn’t mind some extra nice lady guns though…

5. What are your usual setbacks? What usually prevents you from working out or eating healthy? Most of us are completely aware of our personal obstacles. How will you prevent them and work on them? Maybe you make everything else a priority before yourself or easily get distracted or discouraged. Or maybe your environment or the people around you are holding you back. Can you ask for their support? Whether it’s work, friends or family, take the time to realize that you are the only one in control of your body and your future. Stand up for yourself and stick to your goals. You deserve it.

I love this question! It’s such a smart thing to think about before you embark on these 31 days. One thing I need to figure out how to handle is the conversations about food with my boyfriend. He and I have very different food requirements, tastes and desires. I’d like to get better about finding compromises there. I’m also guilty of getting very snacky before dinner (but never after, oddly enough) and making my worst decisions of the day then.

6. If you could thank your future self right now for sticking to the 31 Day Challenge, what would you say to her?

Girl, you’ve been through a whole heck of a lot this month. I’m so glad you made the choices that make you the happiest in the long run even if your (Vicodin addled) little heart said mac n cheese three times a day.

7. Now imagine yourself on November 1st. You feel exactly how you visualized above. What do you want to say to the girl reading this Starter Pack, preparing for the next 31 days? What words of encouragement do you have for her? What do you want her to push through and what do you want her to let go of? Let it out.

I know you’re sad that you couldn’t give this challenge your all from day 1. I know that frustrated the heck out of your perfectionist side. But you did your personal best and that’s an amazing thing to behold!  <3

How would you answer these questions? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!


  1. I have followed the tone it up girls for a couple of years and am excited to try this challenge!

  2. Love this! I can’t wait to get started, and I really need to take time to answer the questions too.

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