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Another Week of Easy & Healthy Dinners

Another week of easy & healthy dinners with little planning | This Miss Cooks

On Tuesday I shared how I menu plan for those off-kilter weeks where I’m woefully unprepared by the time I hit the grocery store. By keeping items in my fridge and pantry that are versatile, like a jar of salsa and some extra zucchini, I can pull together a few healthy meal ideas quickly for the week. It takes a bit of time to figure out what might work for you, but I’ve found that habit can be your best friend if you know you always love taco night and burrito bowls the next day.

These are the recipes I strung together, altered & just generally made work after walking into the store without even a hint of a shopping list in my hands. Okay that’s a lie, I had my fiancé’s list, which is somehow even worse since he is the king of putting things off. (Seriously, if procrastinators do ever decide to form their own sovereign nation, they have their head of state right there.)

I sat down with a coffee at the Starbucks inside the store (it doubles my shopping trip to drink coffee while grabbing food anyways, so win-win!) and grabbed the store ad.

Family sized pack of pork chops on sale? half can be baked for one meal and half slow cooked on another day. Bam. A tough, cheap roast? That’ll be amazing in the instant pot. A glance at my calendar tells me that my fish-hating man won’t be home for dinner Tuesday, so I’ll be pulling down one of those white fish fillets I have in the freezer for just this occasion to make tacos for one, thankyouverymuch. How about the weekly dinner I host with a vegan coming, you ask? Enchilada veggie medley thingee in the crock pot. DONE. Any gaps in there = leftovers galore.

BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches

These Instant Pot BBQ pulled pork sandwiches were excellent, though they did take a little longer to make than I usually reserve for a week night. I’d definitely use this recipe again, but I’d reserve it for the weekend. It was a HUGE hit with my fiancé.

I served it with a complete mishmash of a salad. When I say mishmash, I mean that I had half a bag of shredded cabbage and some cut up red onion and bell peppers sitting in my fridge from a few days before and I put them in a bowl together with some lime juice. Oh, and cilantro! I used to hate the taste but now I just hate how I can never use up a whole bunch of it without it going bad first.

fish taco dinner

I honestly didn’t even have to buy anything for this excellent blackened fish tacos recipe. I’ll admit that I substituted some Greek yogurt instead of the tartar sauce in the topping, but it still gets an A+ from me.

Look at that little random endive salad next to it. I didn’t even know I liked endives until a couple of weeks ago! I did have half a head just sitting in my fridge (along with the previously mentioned chopped up bell peppers and red onion). I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a salad to me!

vegan enchilada chili

This is technically a picture of my lunch the next day because this vegan enchilada recipe make SO MUCH FOOD. I fed 11 people the night before with seconds and thirds and ate it for lunch and it’s STILL not gone. Don’t worry, I’m not even made about it. 😉

It was extra delicious with Juanita’s tortilla chips (aka the best tortilla chip ever created) and a bit of avocado on top.

maple balsamic pork chops

These maple balsamic glazed pork chops are going into permanent rotation for me. I always have the ingredients on hand (okay so I cheat and use the dried herbs instead of fresh) and they’re so fast to make.

That salad sitting next to it? It’s from a bag and there ain’t no shame in that, either. It was freaking delicious and on sale.

pork chops with peach salsa

And last but very far from least, I’m enjoying these slow cooker pork chops as I write this. Yes, one could make the peach salsa from scratch. One could also add a chopped apricot (what can I say, it’s what I had on hand) to canned salsa and call it a day. One could also conceivably add a splash of wine to the crock pot as the liquid. Your call my friends. 🙂

Happy cooking!


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