A week of cooking easy and healthy dinners from Gimme Some Oven
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Sunday Recap from a Week of Easy Healthy Dinners

Moving, it turns out, is one of the most awful experiences that I’ve happily run headlong into. I now understand how my parents have lived in the same house for 35 years and I get why we couldn’t move to someplace nice like Minnesota or Maine (I was a boring child I think).

Throughout this month from hell, though, I realized that sticking to my healthy habits is key for avoiding some serious emotional breakdowns (mostly). I get hangry, I have sugar crashes, my acid reflux flares up at 2am if I eat too late, and don’t even think about asking me to move furniture if I haven’t eaten in the last 3 hours.

All this is to say that if I want to come out of this experience with my body and house and relationship intact, I need to stick to those routines I’ve developed over the last couple of years. That means a workout in the mornings and healthy eats throughout the day to keep my belly full and happy.

Earlier this week I shared one of my favorite tips for an easy meal plan that I’d be using to keep on track with cooking healthy dinners at home. Instead of pulling menu ideas from all over the place, I decided to stick with just recipes shared by Ali over at Gimme Some Oven. Her blog is full of amazingly easy, healthy and tasty food, so I was excited to get cooking.

I’m a simple creature at heart, so tacos were the name of the game for most of this week. Her fish tacos with blueberry almond salsa were out of this world, I cannot recommend them enough to people cramped on time. They were the perfect easy recipe to make on a Monday evening when I needed dinner on the table fast. The salsa was perfect for my leftover lunch kale salad the next day.

Fish Tacos with Blueberry Almond Salsa from Gimme Some Oven

A very close second was the barbacoa beef recipe that I made into tacos as well. Crock pots are the food tool industry’s gift to humans, almost as good as fire many moons ago.

Barbacoa Beef Tacos from Gimme Some Oven

The best night though was the weekly dinner that I host. It can be tough to balance healthy food to please a crowd as well as my pocketbook, but her DIY pizza bar was perfect for that. It worked great as a party food recipe (well, more of a guideline).

DIY Pizza Bar from Gimme Some Oven

We even made it a bit of a team event, it was fun to watch 3 people hash out the intricacies of long-held pizza tastes. Nothing seems quite so dividing as pizza toppings.

DIY Pizza Bar recipe from Gimme Some Oven

With 9 guests, I did a grand total of 30 minutes of prep work to pull it all together. I’ll be repeating that one for sure once the fall and winter months roll around, hopefully with her apple and spinach salad alongside it. Depending on what ingredients you get, you can make this vegan and gluten free party food if you need to.

I’m excited to try this again with another blog’s recipes. My fiancé loves the idea of making a whole week of Chinese recipes, and I really want to try some spiralizer recipes.

A week of cooking easy and healthy dinners from Gimme Some Oven

I wish you all the best time in the kitchen!

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