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Honest Imperfect Produce Delivery Review

Honest Imperfect Produce Review | This Miss Cooks

If you’ve been on the internet or in grocery stores at all in the past few years, you’ve likely seen the many options out there for food delivery companies. Everything from restaurant meals with UberEats to cooking kits like Hello Fresh to groceries from Instacart. One of my favorites has been community supported agriculture, or CSAs for short.

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5 Tips for Sticking to Your Health & Fitness Goals This Weekend

Life is a little extra busy lately, but all of it in a good way! Mr Never Cooks and I are signing the papers for our VERY FIRST HOME tomorrow on top of wedding planning. The timing is even a little special, it’ll be exactly one year after he proposed! If you’ve been going through your own life changes or events, you know just how difficult it is to stay on track with your fitness and health goals. Below are the top tips that I’ve been using to keep my motivation going strong over the weekends.

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Health & Fitness Goals This Weekend | This Miss Cooks

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

1. Wake Up Early…No Matter What

Okay, so this one is not a good idea if you find yourself in a 3-week long bout of insomnia. But if you’re just trying to make it through a series of busy weekends, don’t let a late Friday night derail your Saturday-Sunday productivity.

I’ll often get around 6 hours of sleep on a Friday night before rising right around 6am Saturday morning. That guarantees me time to workout, make myself a healthy breakfast, and tackle my day (instead of letting my day tackle me). To be totally honest, I rarely feel good when I sleep in anyway. It’s one of the only times I get headaches anymore these days, and I never feel well-rested.

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Health & Fitness Goals This Weekend | This Miss Cooks

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

2. Take Your Entertainment To-Go

I like the idea of a Netflix binge-day as much as the next Millennial, but the last time I tried it out I felt like, well, utter garbage by the time the sun set. My hips were sore from sitting all day, I felt overly full because my normal amount of food probably takes into account some level of physical activity, and I felt seriously guilty. Now, that last one I could deal with, because we should NOT feel bad for taking a day for ourselves. It’s just that it may look different for everyone is all. My personal days usually involve a grocery shopping trip (because all my favorite foods exist at Costco) and volunteering somewhere.

When I’m out and about on the weekends, though, I love listening to my Podcasts in the car. I usually take the train and the aerial tram into work, so I’m always listening through headphones which tend to irritate my ears over time. It’s just a simple joy to listen to my favorite comedians chat true crime while I’m out and about.

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Health & Fitness Goals This Weekend | This Miss Cooks

3. Do Your Favorite Workout

Maybe you follow a specific workout program during the week. Or you take barre classes. Whatever your fitness and health goals are, let yourself just do whatever brings you joy physically on the weekend. For some people, that’s hiking with their dogs. For others, it’s a killer lift session. I really love arm workouts, so I usually bust out my favorite moves Saturday morning. Let the weekend be the place where you rediscover the things you love about your active lifestyle instead of the place you go to escape it.

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Health & Fitness Goals This Weekend | This Miss Cooks

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

4. Build Your Health & Fitness Community

The weekends are an awesome opportunity to build up the community of health and fitness oriented friends. Investing in these relationships can help carry you through those days when all you want to do is throw in the towel. Meeting up for a coffee or a yoga class can be a great way to strengthen those bonds. Then you have someone to text when you’re extremely confused about how the heck you peel a grapefruit (true story).

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Health & Fitness Goals This Weekend | This Miss Cooks

Photo by Kaboompics // Karolina from Pexels

5. Treat It Like Any Other Day

I don’t know about you, but I tend to go seriously off the rails when I try to move my schedule around on the weekends. Putting off breakfast so that I can have a late brunch, evening workouts instead of my normal AM sweat session, or PJs until the sun starts setting again tend to make me feel more stressed out than well-rested. I’m a big fan of self-care, but for some people that still means sticking with your regularly scheduled programming. Especially breakfast.


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3-Ingredient Low Carb Crackers

Since cutting most carbohydrates out of my diet this year, I’ve been slowly learning how to make Keto-friendly versions of my favorite foods. Crunchy, crispy crackers (say that 3 times fast) were something I’d been missing to pair with high-fat dips and cheeses. Instead of trying to pretend that sliced radishes were, in fact, potato chips, I decided to tackle making these almond flour crackers instead.

3-Ingredient Low Carb Crackers | This Miss Cooks

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How to Master the Keto Breakfast

Mastering the Keto Breakfast | This Miss Cooks

One of the toughest parts of switching to the Keto Diet is figuring out what to eat for a Keto approved breakfast.

Your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders yet, and it’s easy to get frustrated with finding options that fit your needs. Pancakes, oatmeal and pastries are a thing of the past. And good riddance to that last one especially, I can’t tell you how many disappointing donuts I’ve eaten just because they were sitting out somewhere.

Before Keto, my breakfasts were usually a simple coffee protein smoothie, overnight oats or avocado toast. I noticed that the higher fat breakfasts kept me full for longer, and prevented my 10am cravings. And the worst midmorning crashes happened when I used to chow down on granola and fruit first thing.

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Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women

Kickass Gifts for Fitness Loving Women | This Miss Cooks

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I find myself planning the perfect gifts for some of the most important people in my life.

AKA my amazing leading ladies and gal pals!

I’ve met some of my closest friends through the local fitness community, and even had one of my best college girlfriends become a total workout enthusiast. Since the greatest presents are the kind that get used, I wanted to find the perfect personalized gifts.

Keep scrolling to see how to put together a Galentine’s Day gift bag for your fitness loving babes…

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Okay So What Is the Keto Diet?

Is the Keto Diet the Answer We've All Been Waiting For? | This Miss Cooks

With all the buzz lately around the Ketogenic Diet, I figured it was a good time to share the lifestyle experiment I’ve been doing. Since the first of the month, Mr Never Cooks and I have been following a high-fat, low-carb diet — or HFLC if we want to start digging into the lingo (and there is so much of it). You could say it was our New Year’s Resolution to shed a few pounds, but as a scientist I also love trying trends out.

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5 Best Cookbooks for Beginners

This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure here.  Thank you for all your support!

Raise your hand if one of your New Year’s resolutions involved cooking more. According to surveys, the most popular goals this time of year are to lose weight, spend less, learn something new and to eat more at home with loved ones.

These are all wonderful habits to make, in my opinion, but damn it they’re hard.

If you’ve never cut up a grapefruit before, you might not know just how much time it takes to transform into a beautiful (and actually edible) breakfast. What’s the difference between mincing and dicing and chopping and julienning? And we haven’t even started on what it mean to ‘eat healthy’ or  just cook tasty meals.

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5 Ridiculously Easy Tips for Sticking to Your Goals

5 Ridiculously Easy Tips for Sticking to Your Goals | This Miss Cooks

Alright, we’re one week into January. Hopefully your goal of surviving the year is going well so far.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I know I made a few as well. A little under half of Americans usually make goals for themselves this time of year in categories like self-improvement, health and fitness, financial success and romance. How many people feel like they’re successful at keeping them?

8 percent.

Ouch. Some make the mistake of picking unrealistic or hard-to-measure goals, but others really struggle with finding the motivation to start a new habit or keep the momentum going. If you’ve found yourself in that boat, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to make sticking to your plans a little bit easier. Continue reading “5 Ridiculously Easy Tips for Sticking to Your Goals”

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10 Life-Changing New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve left a trail of broken New Year’s Resolutions over the past few Januaries. But at the same time, there have also been a few that actually stuck around.

A regular fitness routine.

A real emergency fund.

raise at work.

So what makes for the perfect resolution that you can actually stick to?

 I’ve written before about how we should make sure our goals are reasonable, but the problem isn’t just having goals.  Most of our resolutions are either something we think we should want but don’t or just too vague to make a plan to stick to.

10 Life-Changing New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep | This Miss Cooks
Annoying but true

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Reflect Before Your New Year’s Resolutions

Reflect Before You Resolve This New Years

Alright, it’s time for those New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re looking at big lists from blogs that are telling you to go for that big promotion at work or magazines that have the top 20 ways to lose weight.

These aren’t terrible goals to have by any means, but do they reflect the type of person you want to be and the kind of life you want to live for the next 365 days?

Maybe, maybe not.

What were your resolutions last year?

If you wanted to lose weight, did you try diets that made you miss out on birthdays and parties?

If you wanted to get that promotion at work, did you work long hours and rarely see your family?

If you wanted to start a new relationship, did you go out on dates with people who didn’t spark?

It’s time to think if those trade-offs were worth it. Because if you aren’t willing to happily trade your time or energy for your new goals, they aren’t worth having.

Let’s reframe those New Years resolutions in terms of goals that you ARE willing to sacrifice for. Continue reading “Reflect Before Your New Year’s Resolutions”


Ultimate Ethical Gift Guide for Christmas 2017 (All under $25!)

Ultimate Ethical Gift Guide for Christmas 2017 | This Miss Cooks

Are you sick of throwing your money at companies that are caught up in everything from sweatshops to environmental pollution to selling cheaply made products this Christmas?

Yeah, me too.

Since starting the tradition of donating to charities the entire month of December, I’ve noticed a positive trend I really love: companies with ethical business models. It’s turned gift giving into this really heart warming experience all year round for me. If you or your giftee are anything like me, a present that comes from an eco-conscious, ethical company means so much more.

And while it used to be the case that buying from brands that aligned with these principles meant spending more than I could afford, there have been some really excellent ones that have popped up in recent years. These are the ethically sourced gifts I’m buying (or have received!) this year or in the past. Continue reading “Ultimate Ethical Gift Guide for Christmas 2017 (All under $25!)”