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Feeling Fine Friday: 5 Perfect Travel Workouts

5 Perfect Travel Workouts | This Miss Cooks

I’m going to assume you don’t need me to remind you that you can usually lace up those sneakers and go on a run while on vacation if that’s your thing. I honestly have a hard time running routes I’ve never been on before, so I put together a list of workouts that I can do without packing my entire home gym. You might also notice that none of these workouts are terribly long, either. I’d prefer to spend my vacation time with my loved ones, so I try to get in a quick workout in the morning to feel like my best version of myself and then just not worry about it while I celebrate or play or relax.

1. Tone It Up’s 10-Minute Abs

This one seriously kicks my…well, abs…into shape every time. It doesn’t require any equipment, it’s only 10 minutes of your time, and it’s a great way to feel good about yourself if you’re planning on slipping into anything slinky or bikini-shaped later. Plus, it comes in both video format as well as a handy little move guide, which is great if you don’t have service or would prefer to skip using up cellular data just for a sweat-session.

2. Tone It Up’s Resistance Band Total Body Workout

Yup, there’s decidedly a theme here. I honestly love their workouts, and I’m familiar with them from years of practice at this point. I especially love that this is a resistance band workout that doesn’t require you to find a place to attach the band to when you’re in an unfamiliar hotel room. Again, it has the video (14 minutes) and the move guide, so it’s easy to do anywhere. A band like this weighs little and doesn’t take up much space in a suitcase either. It’s a great way to essentially add “weights” to a workout without having to lug them around with you.

5-travel-workouts-armsPhoto by Becca Matimba on Unsplash

3. Bodyweight Arm Workout from The Live Fit Girls

It took me a while to find an arm workout that didn’t require any equipment but that also didn’t just leave me doing all planks for an eternity. My wrists are slightly wimpy, so it’s nice to not be stuck in the same position if I wanted to work my arms out. If I have access to a gym on vacation though, free weights are by far my preferred method. The video is 10 minutes if you want to follow along or want to see how to do any of the moves in more detail.

4. Lower Body Workout from Glisten Fit

Okay, so it’s a booty workout technically, but it’ll definitely work your legs too. She uses ankle weights, but I would skip them for traveling and just go with using your own bodyweight. No video here, but she does describe each move in greater detail.

5 Perfect Travel Workouts | This Miss CooksPhoto by Marion Michele on Unsplash

5. 10 Minute Travel Yoga with Adriene

If you haven’t tried Yoga with Adriene, I seriously suggest her 30 Days of Yoga series. She has so many free YouTube yoga videos with varying lengths, she makes tons of them for specific concerns (Tight hip? Sciatica? She’s got ’em all), and she describes the moves well enough that you don’t have to be constantly trying to look at the screen while in downward dog. Plus, yoga always leaves me feeling less stressed out which I’m prone to while on vacation.


Disclaimer: Remember, I’m not a personal trainer, a physical therapist or most importantly your doctor. I’m just sharing my personal fitness experiences on my own little corner of the internet in the hopes of helping others become a little more healthy and active.

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