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5 Things I’ve Regretted Getting Rid of When I Went Minimalist

5 Things I've Regretted Getting Rid of When I Went Minimalist | This Miss CooksPhoto by Philipp Berndt on Unsplash

As popular as Minimalism has gotten these days, there seem to be as many articles singing this lifestyle’s praises as there are complaining about it as a trend. I certainly don’t think that the Minimalist lifestyle is the only way to be happy, but it’s definitely true that many Americans feel the psychological toll of clutter without seeing a clear way to fix it. It’s also been a true lifesaver in our move to a much smaller place.

I know that a common fear (indeed a regular one of mine) is that I’ll end up regretting getting rid of an item long after it’s gone. In fact, I  bet there are few things more disheartening with setting out on a more Minimalist path than letting go of something you truly do miss. So many advocates of it will try to paper over that possibility and ignore the sadness you might feel with a “you won’t even remember it in a week” or “I’ve never regretted it and neither will you!” Continue reading “5 Things I’ve Regretted Getting Rid of When I Went Minimalist”

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5 Thoughts I Had to Let Go of to Be Successful with Minimalism

The month of July has been filled with stress, and almost all of it is over STUFF. We’re moving into a new (and much smaller) apartment from our old rental house and the need to purge our belongings has never been more necessary. And yet somehow I still find myself held back by silly reasons to keep all kinds of useless things around.

5 Thoughts I Had to Let Go of to Be Successful with Minimalism Continue reading “5 Thoughts I Had to Let Go of to Be Successful with Minimalism”

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Moving and Minimalism: More Than Just the Trash Can

Moving and Minimalism

As we’ve been downsizing drastically for our big move we’ve repeatedly run into issues with finding ways to get the junk out of our house. Here in Portland we get one trash can that’s picked up by the city every two weeks that we share with our two roommates, so we have to be very strategic about tossing items in there. Besides, I’ve seen Toy Story 3 and I always assume that objects are sentient just in case. Continue reading “Moving and Minimalism: More Than Just the Trash Can”

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Summer 2017 Bucket List: The Minimalist Remix

It’s the longest day of the year, friends! It’s also the perfect time to stay up well past your bedtime (mostly because the sun hasn’t even set yet if you go to sleep at 9 like my granny self) and dream up your ‘Summer Bucket List.’ This year I’m really trying to prioritize experiences over things in all areas of my life. I’ve been on a Minimalist kick, and I’m really enjoying the memories I’m creating. Continue reading “Summer 2017 Bucket List: The Minimalist Remix”

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Moving and Minimalism

Moving and Minimalism | This Miss Cooks

After 8 years of dating and 4 different living situations, Mr Never Cooks & I are FINALLY moving into our own place together. In some ways it feels like a step back since we’re going from renting a house to renting a 1-bedroom apartment, but it’s going to be so worth it to finally live without roommates. Plus the location is perfect for both of us! Continue reading “Moving and Minimalism”