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Sunday Recap: Eating Healthy & Finding Balance on a Road Trip

Ladies and gents, this gal is in full vacation mode. We survived the 20+ hours in the car from our home in Oregon all the way to ski country, Colorado and we somehow avoided stopping at every McDonald’s on the way. I talked earlier this week about¬†tips for eating healthy on a road trip¬†and how to make sure you stay happy and sane without just aiming for the lowest calorie menu option.

We’are about to embark on the ride home tomorrow with a cooler full of sliced veggies, hummus, crackers, jerky & fruit to keep us going. These are the foods that keep our stomachs happy and our energy up for the many miles ahead of us.

This weekend definitely reinforces two of the best guidelines in the healthy food world.

The first is balance. This wedding involves eating out at places that I wouldn’t usually visit and consuming foods that don’t contribute to my overall health. But you know what? It absolutely did contribute to my enjoyment of the events, and that enjoyment is important to who we are as people.

The second is that the reason we make healthy choices most of the time is because it just makes us feel better. I don’t regret going to eat pizza with the groomsmen, but I was certainly reminded that there is a reason I otherwise avoid it. When we resume our regularly scheduled programming, we can more easily transition back to our healthy habits if we stop and acknowledge the consequences of overindulging on the regular.

As usual, I’ll be back Tuesday with more menu planning ideas!

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