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How to Master the Keto Breakfast

Mastering the Keto Breakfast | This Miss Cooks

One of the toughest parts of switching to the Keto Diet is figuring out what to eat for a Keto approved breakfast.

Your brain isn’t firing on all cylinders yet, and it’s easy to get frustrated with finding options that fit your needs. Pancakes, oatmeal and pastries are a thing of the past. And good riddance to that last one especially, I can’t tell you how many disappointing donuts I’ve eaten just because they were sitting out somewhere.

Before Keto, my breakfasts were usually a simple coffee protein smoothie, overnight oats or avocado toast. I noticed that the higher fat breakfasts kept me full for longer, and prevented my 10am cravings. And the worst midmorning crashes happened when I used to chow down on granola and fruit first thing.

Meal Prep

The first 2 weeks of this lifestyle change, I ate the exact same foods every single day. Maybe that’s boring to some (most) people, but the decision-making process is where I tend to break. I get downright mad if I can’t have tacos and fajitas and a Mexican salad once I’ve thought about it.

Especially in the beginning, do yourself a favor and meal prep the crap out of your Keto breakfasts especially.

I have literally set out every plate, utensil, pan, and even a napkin to make sure I don’t deviate come morning. If you look at each day as having a set number of decisions your brain can make (and I do), removing one first thing makes saying no to the office cookies that much easier.

Figure Out Macros the Night Before

Yeah, this tip’s pretty boring.

Do your homework. Read your labels. Blah blah blah.

Just do yourself a favor and figure it out on a decently awake brain.

Mastering the Keto Breakfast | This Miss Cooks

Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Effort…

There are many ways to serve eggs and all require some level of effort, but they’re worth it. Whether you choose to meal prep and make a frittata or fry some up every morning, they’re the perfect beginner Keto breakfast.

I’ve turned egg-making into a morning meditative ritual at this point.

Have you ever seen Runaway Bride? Julia Roberts plays a woman who becomes hyper-dependent on a series of men in her life, so much so that she doesn’t even know how she likes her own damn her eggs done. When I saw that as a kid, I became determined to figure out how I liked my eggs so that I could be a strong, independent woman who decisively orders breakfast.

Well, oops.

It turns out that all eggs are amazing, and mastering each and every cooking method has become my life goal.

So far, I’ve nailed the fluffy scrambled kind (take them off the heat before they’re fully set!) and a decent over easy. The only thing they all have in common is that they’re cooked in butter or bacon fat. I have mixed feelings on poaching, so we’ll see where this leads.

Mastering the Keto Breakfast | This Miss Cooks

…But Cut Corners Where Appropriate



Lend me your newly Keto ears.

And bake your bacon.

I’m insanely picky about my bacon. I love the crunch, and that indefinable texture as it melts in your mouth. I hate limp bacon.

400 degrees F. Broiler pan or a sheet pan with a high lip and a rack. 20-25 minutes. Done.

No flipping, no splatters, no weird bacon hair that your friends comment on at happy hour later. Oh yeah, you can still have wine, FYI.

Buying in Bulk = Amazing for Keto Breakfast

I use my Costco membership so much right now. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know how happy this makes me.

Eggs. Avocados. The best bacon ever. Actually now that I think about it the cheapest avocados, too.


I’ll be doing a Costco shopping guide for the Ketogenic Diet on here soon, so stay tuned.

Mastering the Keto Breakfast | This Miss Cooks
Could not help myself.

I know this is all pretty straightforward advice, but after floundering around for a while like a fish out of water, I thought these little pieces of advice could help someone else starting their Keto journey. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see a blog post on a specific Keto-related topic!

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    1. I’d definitely suggest a broiler pan or rack, I think it really helps the bacon crisp up once it sits for a minute out of the oven. Limp bacon is one of man’s greatest disappointments!

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